A look into the paranormal for believers that live in san antonio, tx and surrounding areas
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 The Basics!

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The Basics! Empty
PostSubject: The Basics!   The Basics! EmptyWed Mar 09, 2011 12:02 am

Got any good tips and tricks? Let us know.
Here are some of the simple tips that I have picked up along the way, and are also good ideas for ghost hunting anywhere.

Remember to always be respectful!
-While provoking spirits may sometimes be an effective way of bringing them "out", being respectful is something to always remember.

Never go alone
- Ghost Hunting is never a good idea to go at alone. There are many things that can happen from equipment/vehicle failure to injuries. Going with atleast 2 people is always recommended, plus four (eyes,ears, heads) are better than two...etc you get the idea

No Trespassing
-This is a big one guys. The last thing you need to be doing is going on a property that you don't have permission to be on and having cops show up. Many ghost hunting places are at parks, monuments, etc. make sure you follow the rules to being there.

Double check your equipment!
- The last thing you want is to have equipment failure and be stuck with a perfectly good ghost hunting spot, and no batteries or something along those lines. Always bring extra batteries, and be prepared for technology to fail sometimes.

Have an open mind!
- If you are ghost hunting, you already are open to the idea that spirits might exist. Don't go into an investigation with negative thoughts, clear your mind and be receptive to all things

Clean up
- If during your investigation you leave trash, or make a mess. Clean up after yourselves. If you had a good experience, you would like to be invited back for future investigations.

Anyone else have some simple or advanced ideas/tricks...?
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The Basics!
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